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Philodína rotifers




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Microscopic view of five different species of rotifer.

Figure 1 Philodína roseola Ehrenberg (here styled Philodína roseola)
Figure 2 Philodína citrína Ehrenberg (here styled Philodína citrína)
Figure 3 Dissotrocha aculeate Ehrenberg (here styled Philodína aculeate)
Figure 4 Philodína megalótrocha Ehrenberg (here styled Philodína megalótrocha)
Figure 5 Oecistes serpentínus Gosse (here styled Oecistes serpentínus)

Figures individually inscribed ‘P.H.G’ and on facing page ‘1a Philodína roseola dorsal view, contracted, 1b. side view, 1c. dorsal view, expanded, 1d. contracted into a ball, 1e. horizontal muscles. 2. Philodína citrína dorsal view. 3a. Philodína aculeata contracted, dorsal view, 3b. side view, expanded, 3c. side view, contracted, 3d. proboscis, 3e. showing position of spines. 4. Philodína megalótrocha dorsal view, expanded, 4a. side view, contracted, 4b. dorsal view, contracted, 5. Oecistes serpentínus side view, 5a. side view of head, disc [furled?] showing hooks.

Illustration from The original drawings of the Rotifer by Charles Thomas Hudson, 1886. A collaborative work with Philip Henry Gosse which was published in two volumes The Rotifera or Wheel-Animalcules (London 1886).

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