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© Trustees of the British Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Quarrelsome Taylors, or Two of a Trade seldom agree

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A ragged 'botching tailor' is climbing out of his bulk or stall (right) to attack with his goose a tailor who hastens from him, turning to snip his shears contemptuously. Above the penthouse stall is a placard, 'Simon Snip - maks & mendes Mens & Buoys reddy mad Close. N. B. nete Gallows for Breaches. ' A garment and a pair of braces hang on a line; within a window is a sheet of patterns. The other, who is neatly dressed, carries a coat under his arm; a book of patterns protrudes from his coat pocket. A street receding in perspective (right) and the façade of a dignified house (left) form a background. 'Caricatures', i. 204. c.1794. Hand-coloured mezzotint.
Additional Makers: Published by - Bowles & Carver
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