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On the road to Jerusalem dated Xmas 1865


Xmas 1865


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A watercolour showing a male figure on horseback. Both man and beast are shown full-length, facing left, with the man's face turned to look back over his should. The horse is drinking from a trough to the left. Inscribed lower left: Arthur. Xmas 1865.
Inscribed lower right: On the road to Jerusalem.
Inscribed below mounted sheet: Copy
Queen Victoria's children often made cards and drawings for their parents as gifts on important dates, such as this watercolour executed by Prince Arthur for Christmas 1865.
This drawing is housed in one of two volumes, compiled by Queen Victoria and containing works presented to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert by their nine children. For other items in the volume see Princes & Princesses album.
Descriptive Medium: 'Pencil, watercolour, touches of bodycolour', 'pencil, watercolour, bodycolour (touches of)'

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