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Microscopic views of eight different species of rotifer.

Figures 1-2 Mytilina mucronata (here styled Salpína mucronáta)
Figures 3-4 Mytilina mucronata spinigera (here styled Salpína spinígera)
Figures 5-8 Mytilina brevispina (here styled Salpína brevispína)
Figure 9 Euchlánis defléxa Gosse
Figures 10-11 Euchlanis incisa Carlin (here styled Euchlánis tríguetra)
Figure 12 Euchlánis pyriformis Gosse
Figures 13-14 Mytilina compressa (here styled Díplax compréssa)
Figures 15-16 Mytilina trigona (here styled Díplax trigóna)

Figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16 inscribed ‘P.H.G.’ Species inscribed on facing page ‘1. Salpína mucronáta side view 2. dorsal view 3. Salpína spinígera dorsal view 4. side view 5. Salpína brevispína side view 6. Do: do: 7 lorica, side view 8. lorica, ventral view 9. Euchlánis defléxa side view 10. Euchlánis tríguetra dorsal view 11. section of lorica (transvers) 12. Euchlánis pyriformis dorsal view 13. Díplax compréssa dorsal view 14. side view 15. Díplax trigóna side viersal view. 16. dorsal view.’

Illustration from The original drawings of the Rotifer by Charles Thomas Hudson, 1886. A collaborative work with Philip Henry Gosse which was published in two volumes The Rotifera or Wheel-Animalcules (London 1886).

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