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Microscopic views of eight different species of rotifer.

Figures 1-2 Keratella cochlearis (here styled Anuraéa cochleáris)
Figures 3-4 Anuraéa aculeáta Ehrenberg
Figures 5-6 Keratella serrulata (here styled Anuraéa serruláta)
Figures 7-8 Keratella quadrata var. curvicornis (here styled Anuraéa curvicórnis)
Figures 9-10 Anuraea brevispina Gosse (here styled Anuraéa brevispínis)
Figures 11-13 Keratella tecta (here styled Anuraéa tecta)
Figures 14-18 Kellicottia longispina (here styled Nothólca longispína)
Figures 19-20 Nothólca acumináta

Inscribed ’14 to 18 C.T.H the rest P.H.G’ bottom left. Species listed on facing page ‘1. Anuraéa cochleáris dorsal view 2. side view 3. Anuraéa aculeáta dorsal view 4. side view 5. Anuraéa serruláta lorica (dorsal view) 6. lorica (side view) 7. Anuraéa curvicórnis lorica (dorsal view) 8. lorica (side view) 9. Anuraéa brevispínis dorsal view 10. side view 11. Anuraéa tecta dorsal view 12. lorica (side view) 13. lorica (end view) 14. Nothólca longispína lorica (obliquely dorsal) 15. lorica (side view) 16. lorica (top of ventral view) 17. dorsal view 18. ventral view 19. Nothólca acumináta, dorsal view 20. side view.

Illustration from The original drawings of the Rotifer by Charles Thomas Hudson, 1886. A collaborative work with Philip Henry Gosse which was published in two volumes The Rotifera or Wheel-Animalcules (London 1886).

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