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Te Arei.


[17 Oct. 1864]

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[Warre, Henry James] 1819-1898 :[Sketchbook]

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Mount Taranaki to the right in the middle distance. In the foreground is the earth and palisade fortification at Pukerangiora Pa, Te Arei, on the Waitara River. Two European soldiers are in the trenches, overlooking the wooded valley below. To the left, beyond the palisade are the the Maori dwellings of the pa. The Union Jack is flying on a flagpole in the centre.

The National Library of Australia holds a watercolour from a similar angle, entitled 'The interior (or rather exterior works) of the rebel pah at Te Arei' (photograph held) showing the trenches and Maori firing at the European soldiers climbing the steep hill to the right. The view is presumably a reconstruction.

Extended Title - From: Warre, Henry. [Sketchbook ] 1864-1865. p. 10 to 11

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Mount Taranaki, Taranaki, New Zealand